Is it too soon to be planning Holiday Travel ?

No, this is a Great Time to start planning, if you know you want to Travel during the Christmas and New Year's Holidays.
This is always an expensive time to travel and is the Peak of the Peak, as far as pricing goes.  Take Apple Vacations as an example, the prices are already loaded and people are already buying up the space.  It is always about "Supply and Demand".  As more and more people book, the prices will just continue to go UP.  You are always going to get your best price, when there is a Lot of Space left available.

You might think there will be a last minute Sale when there are only 10 or 12 seats left on a flight, or 10 or 12 rooms left at a Resort, and Christmas is only 3 or 4 weeks away.  But actually it is the exact opposite.  The Airlines and Resorts know that they can sell the last 10 seats on a plane, or the last 10 rooms in a Resort, for ANY Price they like.   Where you might not be willing to pay the High Price, the next person in line will pay.

Planning ahead will generally get you the best deals!

Car Rental Tips:

Are you planning a Trip and going to need a Car rental ?

Do not wait to reserve your Rental Car.   Get your Reservation made as far in advance as you can.  This is how you will get your Best Price.  So if you know you are going on a Trip 6 Months from now, do not wait, book your car now.

Cars are just like everything else in the world and the Price is controlled by Supply and Demand.

If the Car Rental Company has a Lot FULL of cars for the date you are seeking, you are going to get a Much Better Price, than when they only have 10 cars left.  When they only have a few Cars left, the Company knows that they can charge Anything they want for the last Cars.   If you do not want to pay it the next person will.

Plan ahead and save.